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We live in an instantaneous, fast paced world. Instant deliveries, downloads, and everything else we receive in minutes or days has created this subconscious need to have everything now. This new way of life makes it challenging to slow down. Mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, and breath work allow us to momentarily step away from our duties, responsibilities, and hardships to give ourselves permission to relax. Observations of bodily sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and external phenomena are what create a connection to present moment. The present moment gives us permission to forget about the stressors and struggles of our lives, and enter into the relaxation response allowing our body and spirit to naturally heal from the inside out. We may grow an understanding for the techniques that lead us into the relaxation response through practice. Turn every daily duty into enjoyable experiences in life. Nearly everything we do can become a mindful activity. Encouraging productivity, happiness,

and stress relief without reserving extra time to do so. 



Practicing mindfulness is choosing to be fully alive in every experience with acceptance and without judgment towards ourselves or others.

I can recall times in my life when I was not living mindfully.

I often found that my mind was wondering off to ponder the past or plan the future, and I was flying through life on autopilot. I was missing out on what was happening in the current moment I was in. Moments of my life passed by and I had missed details of those memories that I will never be able to retrieve. I was not fully awake in the present moment, unable to accept the reality of what I could not change, and judging myself for uncontrollable circumstances and intrusive thoughts. My mind was alway rehearsing the past, or planning the future without stopping to smell the roses in the present moment. Having a wondering mind is exhausting, let me tell you from experience!

 When not fully present, we may find that time passes by while we miss out on amazing experiences. Although it is a normality for our minds to wonder, moving through life on autopilot all the time has its consequences. When our minds are not fully present, our attention is typically replying the past or planning the future. This may cause a down spiral of thoughts. Replaying memories of the past, or rehearsing the future as if we were able to control it. These spiraling thinking patterns may generate negative feelings of regret, pain, sorrow, irrationality, depression, anxiety, guilt, worry, fear, and other emotions. We find ourselves completely stressed out due to overwhelming thoughts when the reality is things are not as bad as we made it out to be.

Can you recall a time when you had a drifting mind? It's important to understand, there is no need to judge yourself for being normal and having intrusive thoughts. Every mind wonders in thought, as we are only human. Accepting this is the beginning of your mindful journey.

In situations like this our our minds are telling us that we need a break.

Mindfulness teaches us stress reduction, emotion management, how to calm the mind, be more productive, cultivates happiness, and to be present. Through us how to live a life full of acceptance, trust, gratitude, generosity, kindness, compassion, love, and other paths of positivity. By listening to our bodies and minds we may discover how to live life with ease through awareness and concentration of the breath, body, and mind. Mindfulness provides us with a better understanding of ourselves, other people, and the world. It teaches us how to let go of attachments, bodily tension, emotional trauma, and anything that no longer serves us. It also helps us make realizations about what makes us uncomfortable versus what brings us comfort. We can offer the possibility of change within our lives through realizations like these. The possibility of changing relationships with things that we may find unpleasant.

Negative experiences like stressors, feelings, emotions, phenomena, and even other people

may be have negatively impact the life or another.

But there is hope! The first step to resolving stress is awareness. Recognizing when you are not present is what offers the opportunity for change. Noticing when your attention may be drifting off in the past or future, and then choosing to mindfully redirect your attention back to the present through sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, or feeling. This is mindfulness!! You can consciously do this until you break the cycle and the mindfulness methods become subconscious acts. Like these practices have done for me, I am positive that mindfulness methods may do the same for you. Allow me to teach you how.

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