Wellness Practices

Marble Surface
Yoga Class
Yoga by the Sea


Yoga is the oldest holistic health care system in the world! This physical wellness practice unites the mind, body, and breath through movement improving balance, strength, and flexibility. We discover and heal our bodies, cultivate a better understanding of ourselves, promote a healthy lifestyle, and reduce stress. Whether you are looking to relax and restore or get an intense workout in there is a style of yoga for you!

Lotus Pose


Meditation is a practice that trains our attention and awareness. It allows us to deal with physiological and physical struggles while teaching us how to interpret and manage stress. We also gain more insight about ourselves, others, and our surrounding environments. If you are looking to become more mindful, increase concentration, or heal emotionally, mediation is here for you!


Breath Work

The practice of breath control teaches us to become aware of our breath and how to regulate it. It detoxifies the body by oxygenating the blood, and clears the physical and emotional obstacles that are faced by allowing oxygen to flow freely. Looking to improve respiration, your mood, bodily functions, and overall health? Breath work is here for your benefit!

Buddhist Singing Bowl

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a holistic form of healing that dates back to Ancient Greece. The use of instruments, frequencies, vocalization, and music surround the body and transmit micro magnetic waves that are suggested to heal. Whether you are off key or not, there is a seat here for you!