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Virtual Wellness

Since 2018 Yoga By G has been instructing virtual wellness classes for non-profit and for-profit businesses, educational and health care facilities, residential and assisted living communities, fitness centers, and private groups. For three years we have been providing communities with customized classes tailored to fit the needs of individual communities. Whether the intention is to build muscle or to simply relax, there are wellness classes for every intention. We know we can make an everlasting impact within your community.

It would be our pleasure to work with you.

Wellness services for your entity may be a tax deductible expense.

Invest in the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your staff members or clients.

Access to recorded videos *coming soon*

Build an online wellness community

Custom classes

 Promote physical, mental, and emotional health

Improve efficiency, productivity, overall wellbeing

Prolong lives

Allow us to create the perfect virtual experience for you.

Benefits of Weekly Reoccurring Classes

Whether at work, at school, or at home, we provide our students with a communal setting to practice mindfulness in. Allowing them to grow stronger together with the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences among fellow residents, colleagues, and employees. Currently, we offer virtual services to multinational corporations with locations over seas. Making it easy for all clients, colleagues, and staff members to tune in simultaneously.

Each class is taught with compassion in the understanding that all of students are at different levels within their practice, and we assure all practitioners are well taken care of. The teachings that we have adopted throughout the years can show your community effective methods for concentration, relaxation, stress management, emotion regulation, and physical fitness. To better server our students, we also give the opportunity to request and suggest what is covered in class.

We encourage all of our students to implement these practices into daily life. Using the teachings learned in class to self soothe during that five minute break from your busy day. There are even methods to soothe for when there is no spare time. Managing stress, regulating emotions, increasing productivity, and improving efficiency. Everlasting change has been seen within the communities that we work with, and we are overjoyed at the possibility of working with you.

Our Virtual Offering

I want your business and the chance to provide an excellence of instruction with affordable pricing.

Offer yourself and your community the gift of wellness. CONTACT US with questions and for scheduling.

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