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The Sanskrit term Hatha translates to 'ha' meaning sun and 'tha' meaning moon. The overall purpose of this practice is to balance opposing parts of the physical body from front to back, left to right, and top to bottom. Today it the most popular style of yoga practiced in America. Hatha yoga is heavily focused on breath control, the core, and mindfulness. The body moves slowly and intentionally through sequences of poses that challenge your balance, strength, and flexibility. The focus of this practice is on breath control, meditation, and improving posture by increasing core strength and overall flexibility. This yoga practice incorporates both static and dynamic exercises that align the body overtime. These poses were created to bring fluidity to the spine and promote circulation in the muscular tissues, glands, and internal organs. The breath is the center of this practice and guides the movement from start to finish. This deep breathing and gentle movement create a moving meditation. 

Hatha yoga is a gentle way to invite movement into the body to increase muscle and joint flexibility while gently strengthening and toning. This practice improves circulation, balance, posture, and cardiovascular health. The meditative like nature of this practice decreases stress by initiating the relaxation response. Overall mood is improved while decreasing symptoms of depression. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies are benefited from this practice.

I recommend hatha yoga to anyone that is new to yoga or looking to improve posture and core strength. Hatha yoga is perfect for practitioners of all levels and is commonly practiced among Toddlers, Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors that are looking for a more relaxed yoga practice that still warms the body. I find it best to practice Hatha yoga in the mornings or evenings when energy levels are higher, but this is subjective as Hatha can be practiced whenever.

Balance the body, strengthen the core, link movement with breath,

align opposing sides, let go of what does not serve you

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