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When our breath is shallow, more carbon dioxide becomes trapped in our blood making our bodies highly acidic.

Just like aerobic activity, breathing can make our bodies more alkaline. This breath practice should be practiced while lying down. The consistent and repetitive deep breathing nature of this practice can cause lightheadedness and tingling throughout the body. If you have any conditions that affect your breathing, please practice this exercise with caution.

Using props is highly suggested during this practice to assure your body remains at ease. Some of my students, and myself, become cold during this practice, so I highly encourage that you cover yourself in a blanket for this exercise. The intention behind this practice is not to breathe fast, but instead breathe in volume. We concentrate on expansion by filling up as full as we can. The rate of our breath should be a normal pace and not rushed. Each practitioner is given a stop watch to assist in seeing the magic unfold before their eyes. Using the stopwatch to track the amount of time we are able to hold our breaths after each round of breathing, we will be able to see the increase of our ability to hold our breath within one practice. We practice alkaline breathing by first lying down and making ourselves as comfortable as possible. The practice is executed by breathing through 30-40 breath cycles, then exhaling out all of the air in our lungs, starting the stopwatch, and finally holding our breath at the bottom of the exhale until you have the urge to breathe again. Once your next inhale begins, stop your stop watch, and hold your breathe for 15 seconds at the top of your inhale. Glance at the stopwatch to see your time. Exhale and that completes round one. We practice 3-4 rounds of this exercise and watch the amount of time that we can hold your breath with ease increase dramatically. Once all your rounds are complete, rest and enjoy all the tingling feelings and sensations running throughout the body.


The very first time I practiced alkaline breathing I was able to hold my breath for about 45 seconds before beginning the practice. After round 3, I was able to hold my breath a little over 2.5 minuets. By oxygenating our blood to an extreme, we are able to hold our breath for longer periods of time and make our bodies more alkaline. This breath is great to do before a workout. It will energize you and provide ample amounts of oxygen in your blood that will increase your strength and stamina. This practice calms there nervous system and truly makes you high on life. I recommend this exercise to people that are familiar with breathing exercises and have no preexisting lung conditions. Older teens, adults, and seniors do well during this breathing exercise. 

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