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Sitali Breathing is a breath practice that actually cools down the temperature of the body. It is an inspiring and uplifting practice that allows you to loosen up and let go.

Exhale through the nose. Open your mouth in the shape of an O and curl up the sides of your tongue. Inhale deeply like you are sucking through a star and feel the cool air run across your tongue. Close your mouth and press the tongue on the roof of your mouth. Exhale and feel the cold temperature of the tongue at the roof of your mouth. Inhale with an open mouth to begin again.

When we pull cold air across the tongue, change its temperature, and transfer that temperature to the room of our mouths we are cooling down the brain overtime. Our brains live just above the roof of our mouths and the repetitive action of this breathing technique changes the temperature in the mouth and the brain. On a hot summer day, or when in a hot room this breath can be practiced to cool down our body temperature. This breath is extremely useful during intense yoga classes as well when we feel that our bodies are overheating.

Sitali breathing is really fun to practice because you can instantly feel an alteration in temperature, and you get to make funny shapes with your mouth. Children really enjoy this exercise. I recommend this practice to Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors that are wishing to discover how to connect to their breath to cool down their bodies when needed.

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