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A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound that is repeated to promote concentration during meditation. Mantra meditation is where a mantra is repeated to promote focus and attention. Some practitioners use ancient mantras from the Sanskrit language or use the English translations for these traditional mantras. Others create their own. Words and phrases used during a manta meditation hold great power due to the repetition of the words. If we are told something repeatedly, either from other people or ourselves, then we begin to believe it. Repeating positive words or phrases of affirmation assists us in believing and manifesting whatever our mantra is. We pick one phrase to work with at a time and then let the mantra do its magic. We sink the breath with each repetition. Remaining present to the feelings and emotions that arise allowing us to begin to feel and understand our words. Then we look inside ourselves and really feel the words as we say them. Really mean it when we say "I am loved, I am loved, I am loved". Overtime we can feel the strength within our words and begin to believe in them, if we don't already. Embodying the words of the mantra. 


The mantras can be as simple as "let go", or more complex like "let go of emotional suffering". It can be something as broad as "be the change you wish to see in the world" or something specific like "everyday I am going to get better at _____". Some of my favorite mantra meditations to use are "just relax, let go, I will love myself, I am strong, I am life, I am alive and full of energy, and I will accomplish great heights". Mantras can be practiced in silence and out loud. When speaking out loud we are able to connect to bodily sensations that come from speaking. We connect to the vibrations and become one with the sound, and sometimes this makes it easier to stay focused while meditatingAlthough, words are not always used during mantra meditations. Repeating the universal sound "Om" or other vibrations created in the throat are still audible mantra mediations. 


Mantra mediations can assist in the manifestation of relationships, health, wealth, and prosperity. Stating your dreams and desires as your mantra, you can allow the repetition to manifest your wants. By selecting a manifestation as your mantra, you can motivate yourself with your own aspirations. can be used to reduce stress, cultivate mental clarity, increase self awareness and other mental and emotional benefits that mediations provide.

Mantra meditations can be practiced as frequently as you wish. I recommend to practice mantra mediations whenever you are feeling down, unsure about an outcome, or needing a little motivation.  Teens, adults, and seniors looking to believe something they may not, or manifest their dreams and desires.

Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors benefit strongly from mantra mediation practicing in contributing to the manifestation of their dreams and assisting in believing things they may not.

Give yourself permission. I afirmarion and aspiration

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