The Four Bodies of Health

The Four Bodies of Health

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Healing through wellness begins with The Four Bodies of Health. The array of practices are tailored to heal the different bodies.


Understanding The Five Poisons and liberating ourselves from them through The Four Noble Truths, we improve the well-being of The Four Bodies of Health. With wellness practices we can begin to heal ourselves through on The Four Bodies of Health. With stress levels at an all time high across the globe, it is important to learn and implement wellness practices into our lives now more than ever. Through the practices of yoga, meditation, and breath work we can prevent and treat life threatening diseases and conditions by focusing on our Four Bodies of Health that are our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. We call these entities bodies because they are places that are home to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expressions.

The Physical Body

The physical body consists of everything under our skin. The bones, tissues, fluids, fascia, organs, blood, hormones, chemicals, and energy systems that make up our physical form. The physical form is the living structure where the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies are created and exist. Through the Physical Body we interpret the world around us that shapes who we are. When this Body is under appreciated or overworked, imbalance occurs. This imbalance occurs when our coping mechanisms fail to relax us, increasing our likelihood to give in to addictions, compulsions, or neurotic behaviors. When this happens symptoms are usually traced back to ongoing stress, unprocessed traumas, blocked emotions, and repressed soul expressions that are stuck in our physical form.


Expressions of an underbalanced Physical Body

When we are so focused on the outside world with maintaining relationships and handling stress, we begin to loose site of our Physical Body. We may ignore our basic needs to focus on what we feel needs our attention the most. We forget to care for ourselves until physical signs of suffering surface like a sore back, a headache, and other ailments.

Expressions of an overbalanced Physical Body

When we are too focused on maintaining the appearance of our Physical Body through diet, drugs, and over exercising, we are less likely to fulfill our basic needs like eating, drinking, and sleeping. We overbalance our Physical Body to meet our idealizations of who we should be and what we should look like, instead of just appreciating what is. With too much focus on what should be we weaken our relationship with the world, our loved ones, and ourselves. 

Bringing balance to the Physical Body

We may bring balance to the Physical Body through acceptance and appreciation. Loving ourselves for who we are

you may find that we let external factors consume our lives and constantly asking ourselves how we can better ourselves, we work on just appreciating what is. Appreciating our relationships, hardships, personality, and physical form by altering our outlook on the world and ourselves through wellness practices.

Benefits that practitioners experience when practicing wellness that promote the health of the Physical Body include but are not limited.


Practitioners engage in wellness practices to improve the improve the Physical Body through the relaxation response, release of endorphins in the body, improve restoration, regulate the nervous system, lower blood pressure, boost immune functions, balance metabolism, relax and calm the body, increase energy, improve blood flow, oxygenate the blood, stimulate the lymphatic system, regulate adrenal glands, detoxify the body, improve digestion, relieve body aches and pains, reduce chronic pain, and improve posture. Practicing yoga offers some physical benefits that are exclusive to the physical practice. People may practice yoga to improve flexibility, improve balance, increase muscle tone, increase strength, reduce weight, prevent cartilage breakdown, prevent injury, increase heart rate, improve cardiovascular and circulatory health, and improve overall athletic performance.

The union of all physical things.

The Mental Body

The mental body is our inner self. It is the place that holds our thoughts, memories, and cognition. It recognizes patterns, interprets information, and guides us on how to respond to what is happening in our environment through action. It is one of our greatest gifts and holds immense power with it's useful tools for creating a healthy and fulfilling life. Although, the mind is a powerful and adaptive tool, We have a tendency to try to solve every problem with it. The mind is an amazing problem solver, but it can not solve the problems of anxiety, depression, or obsession on it's own. Nor can it resolve problems that live outside cognitive reasoning. Problems that the mind can not solve on it's own are negative thought patterns created in childhood, addictive or self-sabotaging behaviors, emotion regulation issues, grief, soul-loss, and unresolved traumas. Through wellness practices we can heal the mental body by making the mind a creative force of healing and change. When we access the wisdom of the mental body we are able to recognize what is not working, take external information, and call upon our imagination to create viable, integrated, and long term solutions. 

Improves ability to sleep, increases cognitive functions, increases attention span, increases focus, sharpens concentration, increases productivity, relieves chronic stress patterns, relieves anxiety, fights depression, increases bodily awareness, and invites mental clarity and calmness.

Expressions of an underbalanced Mental Body

Expressions of an overbalanced Mental Body

Bringing balance to the Mental Body

The Emotional Body

The emotional body holds the wisdom of the heart. It allows us to interpret the world around us by deciding what we value in our relationship to ourselves and others. It is this aspect of ourself that guides us in deciding where to go for feelings of love, connectedness, joy, purpose, intimacy  safety, and security. It tells us what is worth our attention, time, and effort from the perspective of connection, attachment, and fulfillment. This relates to the ways we allow ourselves be vulnerable and open to others. The emotional body gives life it's passion, meaning, and feelings of belonging. We experience this body when we experience deep love for ourselves or another.

when we are suddenly disconnected or the emotional bond is broken, we experience emotional pain and suffering. After this happens we often find ourselves shutting down or closing off access to the emotional body in attempt to not feel the full impact of the loss. If we do not process and clear our hurt emotions it may leave us unable to fully open again. We may find ourselves guarded and unable experience many aspects of a full life, like enjoy, pleasure and deeply satisfying relationships.

Expressions of an underbalanced Emotional Body

Expressions of an overbalanced Emotional Body

Bringing balance to the Emotional Body

connect deeply and intimately with another

Boosts self esteem, increases happiness, reduces hostility, 

and improves overall quality of life.

The Spiritual Body The Spiritual Body holds the wisdom of our purpose. It provides a flow of unique idealizations, dreams, aspirations, and intuitions so we can discover our true self. It shapes who we become and decides what we came here to do on earth. Through accessing and understanding the Spiritual Body we come to a better understanding of our mission on earth. We creates steps to achieve our life's purpose. When accessing this Body we connect ourselves with the larger truths of life and understand how we can embody those truths. We gain a greater understanding of our role and authenticity to grow in this body and stand strongly with compassion to our mistakes and purpose. The power of the Spiritual Body is that it nurtures and grows. As we change as individuals, so does our relationship with our Spiritual Body. Oftentimes we focus majority of our attention on our material survival needs like income, necessities, and physical health. Although these areas of life are of vital importance, sometimes we loose sight of the satisfaction, meaning, and purpose in our lives. With wellness practices you can bring out your inner creativity and soul purpose to discover you passions, visions, and physical strengths. 

Expressions of an underbalanced Spiritual Body

Expressions of an overbalanced Spiritual Body

Bringing balance to the Spiritual Body

When all four bodies live together in harmony we our can lives change and we hold the power to change life.