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Walking meditation is a moving meditation practice where we focus on the movements of our bodies. Walking meditations were created for advanced practitioners to offer periods of movement between long periods of sitting. The idea is to slow down our movements and allow the repetition of them to become a mediation. We invite mindfulness and manifestations into our lives when being connected to the movements of walking. With using mindfulness techniques we can connect to the present through all sensations and feelings that walking gives us. The feeling of the earth beneath our feet, the bending of our knees, the movement of the breath. All of these sensations become mindful anchors that root us down into the present moment. We may also include mantras within a walking mediation. Walking mantra meditations are executed by calling to mind a mantra, or word or phrase, and sinking the words with our movements. Using the mantra "let go", we can sink our movements with that mantra and allow our movements to assist us to stay present to the repetition of the words. With every step we repeat the words. Right foot steps down "let" and then the left foot "go". As our movements repeat, so do our words. 


We can incorporate walking mediations into our life everyday without effort. This practice is great for incorporating wellness into our daily schedules without setting aside time for practice. Walking to and from your car and the store, walking at school or work, walking around your house, and so on. Although my favorite place to practice walking mediations is out in nature, it can be practiced anywhere. I recommend this practice to toddlers, teens, adults, and seniors that are looking to cultivate more mindfulness into their lives. I encourage you to practice this mediation daily by incorporating it into your life throughout your day. So next time you get up to walk somewhere remove yourself from all distractions, like your cell phone, and be present with your movements. Moving slowly and being present by not multitasking while you are walking has tremendous benefits for your mental health. You can decrease or eliminate stress and intrusive thoughts just by walking where we need to go. 

Walking in general also has physical benefits like improving blood circulation, mobility, increasing cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, boosts immune functions, boosts your energy, eases join pain, lower blood sugar, and more.


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