Yoga is a moving mindfulness practice to stay connected to the present moment through dance-like movement. Yoga benefits physical mental, emotional, and spiritual health. People come to practice yoga to benefit their lives in some way. To gain strength, flexibility, or perhaps ease the stress of a busy schedule. Whether the intention is to relieve muscular tension, reduce stress, cultivate mental clarity, or get an intense workout in there is a class for everyone to enjoy.

Yoga styles differ in their teachings from intensity to poses and techniques.

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The most rejuvenating of all yoga practices! Poses require little to no effort and are held for about 5-10 minutes each. Every pose becomes a short meditation as we release tension in the body with every breath while easing the mind. This practice is great for beginners looking to relax and unwind. 

Pool Reflection Stretching


Yin applies moderate stress to the connective tissues in the body like ligaments, tendons, and fascia to increase spine and joint circulation and flexibility. Poses are held for about 1-5 minutes while we use our breath to let go of whatever we may be holding onto in the body and mind. 

Woman in a Yoga Pose


Hatha is a slow moving practice that balances opposite sides of the body while using the breath to nourish each pose. Dynamic and static poses increase flexibility, open up stiff joints, and improve posture. Hatha is great for beginners looking for a slow moving class that will generate some internal heat!

Prenatal Yoga


Vinyasa yoga is the best for transformation and weight loss! This class moves from one pose to the next seamlessly by using the breath as a guide. Constant movement and deep breathing align the body and mind. Flexibility, strength, and endurance are challenged while internal body heat is produced during this aerobic class. 

Vinyasa Yoga


Power Flow yoga is also an invigorating class. The breath is used to charge the body to power through flows and longer holds in intense poses. Prepare to sweat and be challenged! Stamina, strength, flexibility, and mental focus are worked while releasing toxins and relieving tension through the body 

Blue Sportswear

Practicing Yoga


In a classroom setting, students work on physical and mental challenges that highlight the strengths and limitations in their individual bodies. When we begin listening to our bodies we can begin our journey of self discovery. Realizing were we are allows us to work towards where we are not. We start small with what we are able to do, then with we work towards something bigger with practice and determination. Through this process we gain the flexibility, balance, and strength that is required for advancing. Feeling empowered when we can finally achieve that pose we weren't able to in our last class.

A formal yoga practice always begins in a classroom setting.



Once we establish a consistent formal yoga practice we can start memorizing the techniques. Beyond the classroom, we can take the techniques we learn in the formal practice and implement them into our daily lives. The informal practice is a conscious or subconscious decision to use mindfulness during day to day activities to cultivate relaxation and peace. You will see this start to take place when you begin to use the tools you learn in your yoga classes to benefit your wellbeing out of class. After attending a few classes you may remember some suggestions from you teacher like, "breathe deeply to reduce tension and stress" or "do this sequence of poses if you experience back pain". When you find yourself improving your life with yoga to alleviate or reduce your discomfort, this is when the magic happens and your informal practice begins. Turning that five minute break at work into a seated yoga flow may just change your life.